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Human concept
ESEN Company talent cultivation
"three-three system" (three "three-year" plans):

The first three years: the term is three years for new college students (business assistants). After three years, it is necessary to have the basic quotation, order acceptance and placing ability of overseas customers.Grow from junior sales assistant to mature export specialist.

The second three years: mature export sales staff, not satisfied with "general talent", to develop into "shuai talent".Three years later, I became the leader of a team of about 10 people and was promoted to the chief of business section.

The third three years: The chief of the business section is required to strictly supervise the fission and management of the team and be good at maintaining the high morale of the whole multi-team. After three years, he is required to manage more than three business departments, so as to realize the status change of higher-level "division manager" .

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